The mighty rivers of this planet are born in the creeks of obscure little hills, barely visible to the eye. So is the story of this great institution – Rashtreeya Sikshana Samiti Trust.

It was birthed on the auspicious day of Vijayadashami of the Vikramanama Samvatsara corresponding to the Christian year 1940, in a small rented premise, at Vishveswarapuram, Bangalore.

There were only only six students in the school at the time, and the first teacher of this miniature school was Sri M. C. Sivanda Sarma  himself, the founder.

Sri M. C. Sivanda Sarma  

( Founder )


An ancient Sanskrit saying goes – ‘A woman is the home, and the home is the basis of society.’

Education is inarguably one of the most critical areas of empowerment for women, and a good foundation goes a long way towards helping them choose their pathways in life. An educated woman has the skills, information, and self-confidence that she needs to be a better parent, worker, and citizen. Statistically, the dividend for educational investment is often higher for women than it is for men.

We, at RVGHS, envision a future in which every girl stands to gain a firm scholastic foundation, and a wonderful opportunity to learn. Sometimes, a lack of courage prevents girls from taking bold steps. Our goal is to inculcate a liberal, broad-minded outlook in their attitudes, values, and personalities.

Mrs H. S. Vani

Head Mistress


Every April, the girl students of R. V. Middle School would cry piteously at the time of receiving their Transfer Certificate. They would plead to their Headmaster that they did not want to leave their school and join another. They would ask in all innocence, “Why can’t you start a Girls’ High School, Sir?” He would throw up his hands helplessly because the campus not only housed the Middle School but also the Boys’ High School and the Teachers’ College. Constraints of time and space necessitated the functioning of all the above institutions in thatched roofed huts, under the ‘shift system’. The girls and their parents then approached Sri M. C. Sivananda Sarma with their request, but it turned out to be in vain. In 1962, when the Boys High School was shifted to the Teachers’ College Campus, there were suddenly several empty classrooms! The best possible way to put them to use was to start a Girls’ High School. Thus, the dream of having a separate girls’ high school was realized on 7th June 1962, when the R.V. Girls’ High School was started with twenty-five happy girls sitting proudly at their desks.

This brainchild of the late Sri Sivananda Sarma was headed eminently by Sri K. Nanjudaswamy till 1988. The dedication and perseverance that Sri Nanjudaswamy brought to the institute have been the driving force behind RVGHS till date.

The institution strives to provide the best education, keeping in mind the all-round development of all the girls.

A seed sown in 1962 has grown into a mighty tree today. To fine-tune intellectual and physical abilities, to develop emotional stability, and to help appreciate various social and cultural milieus, the school provides an opportunity for all students to join several clubs across the sciences and the humanities. These clubs encourage the students to start questioning things and to begin thinking for themselves. A sense of morality and judgement is impressed upon the students.


Dr.M.K.Panduranga Setty


Sri.N.R. Panditharadhya

Vice President

Sri. Hayagriv C.V.

Vice President

Sri. A.V.S. Murthy


Sri. K.G. Subbarama Setty


Sri. D.P. Nagaraj

Joint Secretary

Sri. R.Asoka

RSST Director

Syed Shahameer


Sri. K.Muralidhar


Sri. K.C.Harendran

Governing Council Committee Chariman:

Trustees Members

Sri K. S.  Akhilesh Babu                

Sri R. Anantha Raman                  

Sri A. C. Chandrashekar Raju

Sri M. K. Dattaraj                           

Sri Dev Darshan Banad Viswanath

Sri C. Ganesh Narayan  

Sri K. C. Harendran        

Sri Karthik D. Meda                      

Smt. P. S. Maya Chandra

Sri P. S. Nandakumar                   

Sri A. S. Vishnu Bharath

Sri N. R. Nandish N.R.

Smt Pramila Vijayakumar

Dr M. S. Prakash

Sri S. M. Balakrishna

Sri M. K. Ramachandra

Sri K. L. Ramesh              

Sri M. P. Shyam              

Sri K. A. Sujit Chandan

Sri S. Suresh

Sri P. S. Venkatesh Babu

Sri C. Vinod Hayagriv

Sri B. R. Viswanath Setty

Sri A. S. Vishnu Bharath