NCC is one of the wings of the so-called Second Line Defence. It is meant to develop among the students a sense of discipline and an aptitude for self-defence. The NCC faction was started in our school by the NCC officer Smt. Suvarna P. Giri in the year 1967. About 100 cadets enroll themselves every year. The training is conducted twice a week before school hours. The cadets participate in various camps that are conducted right from the local level to the national level, like C.A.T.C. or Republic Day camps. These camps inculcate in them obedience, discipline, patriotism, a sense of cooperation, leadership qualities, time management skills, self-confidence, and a tough competitive spirit. During the training, cadets learn skills ranging from trekking, shooting, military education (it includes drill, weapon training, map reading, field craft and battle craft), to First Aid and Community Development training. They participate in social service programmes like flood relief fund collections, adult education programmes etc.

The training is given for two years at the High School level. At the end of the second year’s training, A Certificate examination is conducted. The cadets who clear the examination will be awarded an ‘A Certificate’. This certificate allows them to avail a reservation quota if they go on to pursue a diploma or other collegiate courses. It also enables them to join the police service, if they wish to do so.

Our school has produced a number of such cadets who have achieved professional excellence across several fields.


The arts and crafts are incorporated into the curriculum, as we see them as being quintessential vocations for young girls. It includes tailoring, knitting, pottery, painting, drawing, embroidery and S.U.P.W (Socially Useful and Productive Work.) S.U.P.W includes learning how to make candles, phenyl, liquid soap, artificial flowers, and dolls, as well as the preparation of juices and jams. Two periods per week are allotted for craft in the time table for every section. Regular tests and examinations are conducted to encourage active participation of the students and the performance is graded and consolidated in the mark sheet.

Arts and crafts help students develop creativity and artistic skills. Students may go on to take up different professional courses like costume designing, fashion technology, or embroidery in the future. Many girls from our school have occupied higher posts and have excelled in their field by opting for technical courses in this arena.

We are pleased to announce that at the District Level Craft Exhibition conducted by Craft Association and Education Department, Bangalore South on 09.01.2015, our school secured the II Prize.


The consumer club was inaugurated on 30/07/15 by Smt H. S. Nalina – Advocate and Professor of Law – who was also the chief guest of the day. It was presided by our beloved Headmistress Smt Vedavathi Bai.

The consumer club of R. V. Girls’ High School had organized a consumer awareness programme on 07/12/2015. Sir Ravindranath Guru – Secretary, Consumer Care Society – was the Chief Guest. Smt Vedavathi Bai Headmistress R. V. Girls’ High School was also present. A highly insightful and illuminating talk ensued in the process.


Our school aims at the all-round development of every student. To this end, the school has established various clubs. The Students’ Union was started to encourage every student to participate in various activities conducted in both literary and cultural spheres. The students choose their Union Secretary and Joint secretary through elections. The Union encourages the students to participate in various competitions such as quizzes, debates, dances, music contests, and so on. It also conducts a general knowledge quiz organized by the CHRD at the national level. It also helps host all the activities and competitions that are conducted during the Annual Day.

Our Celebrations

All the major celebrations in the school are organized by the Union. Some of them include – inauguration events of all the clubs, Independence Day, Ganesh Chaturthi, Rajyotsava Day, Republic Day, Cultural Annual Day, Annual Sports Meet, and so on.


With the objectives of inculcating values like discipline, service, humility, love for nature, and respect for human values, the Humanities Club was established in the year 1977. From then on the club has been actively organizing various activities for the students. Some of its activities have been:

a) Inviting doctors and Gynecologists to educate the students regarding health problems during adolescent years.

b) Encouraging and guiding the students to participate in the inter-class and inter-school competitions like debates, speeches, essay writing, dance, song, light music etc.

c) The club hosts inter-school competitions like essay writing, quizzes, debates, elocutions, and so on.

d) It also organizes visits to places of historical or environmental importance.


With the objective of promoting scientific temperament among the students, the Science Club was established. It also seeks to create more awareness about the environment and helps students view the world around them from a rational, scientific viewpoint.

The club conducts various activities like talks, quizzes, science exhibitions, and so on. It organizes visits to places of scientific and natural importance. The club has established an ECO Club as well, in order to create awareness among the students about the current ecological concerns of the world. Some notable activities and achievements of the Science Club are as below.

At the Taluk Level, Prathiba Karanji, M. Shilpitha and Selva Darshini of ‘X’ B participated in the On the Spot Science Model of Distillation of Water contest and won the II Prize.

Under the Kids for Tiger programme, our members went twice to Lalbagh for Bird Watching and also to participate in a face painting competition.

Fifty members of the Energy Club collected electricity bills of their houses, analysed them, and came up with solutions as to how they could reduce consumption of power.

A 3D show on Astronomy was screened to all the students of the school


The club was established with the objective of developing a love for literature, art, and culture. The club conducts conversational classes, personality development camps, and centenary celebrations in order to keep up our traditional ethos and culture. The special feature of the club is that it organizes a ten-day Summer Camp every year for the students. The camp focuses on Health Awareness programmes, Yoga, and so on. The students are taken for a one-day outing as a part of the camp. In the month of February, the club conducts a Sanskrit orientation programme for SSLC students by inviting language experts.

The club conducted a summer camp for 80 students from 23.03.2015 to 30.03.2015 on yoga and Sanskrit Sambhashana taught by Mr Nanjundeshwar and Dr Tirumala.


The Health Club of our school organized a one day trip to GRS Fantasy Park, Mysore. Around 140 students and fifteen staff members participated in the trip. Students enjoyed themselves thoroughly. It was a memorable experience for everyone.


The Sangha conducts a Mahabaratha quiz every year, organized by the Bharatha Samskrithi Prathishtana.

Under the aegis of the Kannada Sangha, the ‘Kuvempu Geethagayana’ competitions were held in October. Ashwini Bide of RVGHS bagged the II Prize.


Yoga helps students gain physical, mental, and intellectual health. This improves the spiritual knowledge of the students. This spiritual knowledge helps in the all-round development of personality. The practice of Pranayama, various Asanas, and Meditation improves memory and concentration of the students. Our school had the proud privilege of earning the applause of the Chief Minister and the Education Minister of Karnataka, as well as more than twelve thousand audience members at the Kanteerva Stadium on the Rajyotsava Day Celebrations on 1st November 2011. A whopping total of 650 students put on a display of about twenty different yogasanas.