Every April, the girl students of R.V.Middle School would cry piteously at the time of receiving their Transfer Certificate. They would plead their Headmaster that they did not want to leave their school and join a strange one, and ask in all innocence, “Why can’t you start a Girls’ High School, Sir?” He would throw up his hands helplessly because the campus not only housed the Middle School but also the Boys High School and the Teachers’ College. Severe space and time constraints necessitated the functioning of all the above Institutions in thatched roofed huts, under the ‘shift system’. The Girls and their parents would then approach Sri. Shivananda Sharma with their request, but in vain. In 1962, when the Boys High School was shifted to the Teachers’ College Campus, there were suddenly many empty class rooms!! The best possible way to put them to good use was to start a Girls’ High School. Thus the dream of having a girls high school was realized on 7th June 1962, when the R.V.G irls’ High School was started with twenty five happy girls sitting proudly at their desks.

This brain child of Late Sri Shivananda Sharma was headed perfectly by Sri K. Nanjudaswamy till 1988, with a dedicated and persevering team Sri Nanjudaswamy’s initial enthusiasm has been the driving force behind R.V.G.H.S till date.

The ultimate objective of the institution is to provide the best education for the all round development of the girl students.

A seed sown in 1962 has grown into a mighty tree still wafting its fragrance. To develop intellectual skills, physical abilities, emotional stability, social adjustments and cultural appreciation, the school provides an opportunity for each and every student to become the member of a science club, a humanities club, a language clubs. The above said clubs are carrying on various activities so as to promote individual dignity of labour, self reliance and to develop moral thinking to discriminate between good and bad, right and wrong so as to have sound powers of judgment.